Our Mission

Rhino Ark’s mission is to:

  • Raise such funds and other forms of material support as are required for the building and long-term management of an electrified fence to encircle the Aberdare National Park and demarcated forestry areas which form the Aberdare Conservation Area.
  • Mobilise all the relevant national and international stakeholders towards a joint initiative to protect and conserve the Aberdares habitat.
  • Build mechanisms and management structures to prevent illegal exploitation of the forest habitat wherever it is threatened.
  • Promote the sustainable use of forest products for the benefit of both present and future generations.

In this way, all stake-holders will benefit: the rhino, bongo, indeed all flora and fauna will be secure.

Our Objectives

Rhino Ark seeks solutions in the Aberdare mountain range and its eco-system to:

  • Conserve one of Kenya’s finest indigenous forests and its total habitat.
  • Resolve human/wildlife conflict.

Our Team

Rhino Ark is a small organization with a big mission. The tireless efforts of our many supporters have so far made possible the fencing of over 350 kilometres of the Aberdare Ecosystem. This effort is coordinated by our management committee.

1. Colin Church, Chairman


My career in the field of journalism and public relations placed me in situations where conservation and environment realities were not being adequately addressed. I became passionate about their importance and value.

This passion has over the years evolved into a full time commitment. Since Rhino Ark was formed 20 years ago, I have been a keen supporter and used to participate as a Rhino Charger to raise funds for the cause. In 2001 I was honoured to accept the appointment as Chairman of the Management Committee and devoted myself full time to Rhino Ark’s activities.

The conservation values embodied in Rhino Ark are a great source of inspiration. It is my hope that our achievements thus far will encourage more people to support us and inspire other initiatives along the same lines.

2. James Githui, Fence/Community Manager

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