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Quattro Charge Bounty of Kshs 1,060,000 For 16 Rhino Chargers

Quattro Charge held on Sunday 29th August 2010 at the Lukenya Hills saw Ian Duncan emerge the winner ahead of 28 entrants of which 16 were Rhino Chargers. Rhino Chargers Mahesh Bhatti and Gurmeet Mehta came in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. The total net of cost raised was Kshs 1,060,000. Rob Collinge, former three […]

Rhino Charge Raise Record SHS 72.5 Million

Rhino Charge 2010 held yesterday (Monday 31st May) in the Londuroj Hills, Magadi, Kajiado District, raised a record Kshs72,540,232. This beats 2007 record of Kshs 68 million by over Kshs 4 million and by far the highest for any Rhino Charge event. The Charge was won by Team Bundu Fundi (Sean Avery) in Car 38, […]

Community Wins Michael Werikhe Award

The communities that gave no cost labour time to build sections of the fence near their farms on Mt Kipipiri – Kipkiama Cecaffe and Gita- won the East African Wildlife Society’s Michael Werikhe aware for services for conservation in the Aberdares presented to them by President Kibaki (centre). The award is in memory of the […]


They cut across all sections of Kenyan society and with a lively following of overseas participants – some as entrants and others filling the runner/navigator ranks for veteran Kenyan teams. This year’s Charger field sports seven first timers. The remainders have done it often year in year out. Veteran Charger slot is firmly filled by […]

Kenya’s President Kibaki accompanied by the Prime Minister Commissions Rhino Ark Fence

The Rhino Ark Aberdare fence is a significant “investment which should be secured and maintained” for the future management of the Aberdares declared Kenya’s President, Mwai Kibaki at the Commissioning ceremony on March 12 at Bondeni, Mweiga. Accompanied by the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Raila Odinga, the President presided over a colourful occasion at which […]

Royal Geographical Society, Colin Church lectures on: “ The Aberdare fence – a model for Africa”

The Aberdares came to London recently when an audience of over 500 Fellows and members of the historic Royal Geographical Society heard details of the completion of a major project which now rings the entire Aberdare mountain range in Kenya. As reported in the Guardian, one of the UK’s leading national newspapers, the Rhino Ark […]