Monthly Archives: July 2009

Spotted! Leopard Cubs in the Salient

This picture was taken by Augustine Ajuoga, the warden in charge of the Salient area of the Aberdares. ‘There were actually four cubs on the road, but by the time i got my camera out, two had run off. it is a rare sighting’, he informed us. It is always great to see the wildlife […]

Disabled, but not Unable: Elephant Makes do with 3 legs

This sub adult elephant seems to have beaten the odds by surviving with only 3-legs, and so far, is coping well. The disability does not appear to have been caused by any obvious external injury. Indeed, there is speculation that it could be a congenital defect.

Elephant Mum Gets Twins

According to natural history, elephants are known to give birth to one calf. The oldest female always leads the group-(matriarch). Upon the death of the matriarch the next oldest female takes the lead. At the age of around ten to twelve years, female elephants reach sexual maturity and after a gestation period of 20-22 months […]