Kipipiri corridor alignment resolved

Rhino Ark can now confirm that following protracted discussions between Kenya Forest Service, Kenya Wildlife Service and Rhino Ark, the alignment for the wildlife corridor within the gazetted forest area linking the main Aberdare range with Mount Kipipiri has now been agreed.

This will enable work to start immediately on the final fencing of the corridor.    

There remains just 13 kms of fencing to construct mainly along the sides of the corridor and its approaches after which the Mount Kipipiri Extra Section of the Rhino Ark Aberdare Fence will be complete.  

Completion date is scheduled for September 2009.

Once complete the entire near 400 kms of the Aberdare Fence encircling 2000 km2 of water catchment, indigenous forest and mountain upland will be finished.

Rhino Ark is committed to ensure the Aberdare ecosystem remains stabilized and will continue to work to reduce all unsustainable and illegal activities of all kinds within the ecosystem.

Work progresses on the formation of management and legal framework for the formation of a Trust comprising senior level representation of Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Service, and Rhino Ark and with fence line border farmer community representation.

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  1. nairobinationalpark
    Posted June 30, 2009 at 4:02 am | Permalink

    This is a really fantastic achievement in the light of what is happening to similar forested “water towers” in Kenya during this dry cycle. Very well done Rhino Ark, this is a priceless gift to the nation.

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