Monthly Archives: January 2009

Mutant Buffalo Caught on Camera

The Aberdare ecosystem is rich in nature’s wonders as demonstrated by this female cape buffalo with extraordinarily long, drooping horns. Scientists attribute this to a rare generic mutation that affects horn growth, mainly in females. The Aberdares has a buffalo population numbering in the thousands, but this is only our second sighting in the last couple […]

Energetic New Warden Takes Charge of Aberdare National Park

33 year-old Bakari M. Chongwa has been appointed the Senior Warden of Aberdare National Park. Energetic, intelligent, educated and well seasoned after 7 years of park management experience, Bakari represents the modern face of conservation management in Kenya.  Now three months into his new appointment, Bakari is getting to grips with the vast challenge of […]