Monthly Archives: September 2008

Unsung Heroes: The Aberdare Fence Scouts

 They awake before dawn, pick up their tools and head out into the chilly early morning mist. Theirs is a tough job laced with very real danger every day. They are the Aberdare Fence Scouts, responsible for daily maintenance of the electric fence that surrounds and protects the Aberdare ecosystem. The scouts work in teams […]

Aberdare Fence: Gearing Up for Final Section Construction

Hi All, With 350 of the 400kms of the Aberdare Electric Fence already completed, there is a palpable air of excitement as the construction team gears up to start construction of the final section of fence, dubbed the ‘Kipipiri Extra Section’. Mt. Kipipiri (alt. 3,349 metres) lies to the west of the main Aberdare range […]

First Post!

Greetings All, and welcome to our Blog! As all of us here at Rhino Ark are new to the idea of blogging, it has taken quite a while for us to get started! The Aberdare Ecosystem is a precious resource, rich in flora and fauna, whose conservation I am very privileged to be part of. […]